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Research & Discovery

This is the day in which we get to know everything about your business. Your mission statement, what you do, what products or services you provide, and so on. From this, our experts will analyze past performance and trends within your location and across the market to see what strategy will suit you best and what you need to move forward. This includes your budget as well as a complete market analysis to discover where you want to be.


Strategy session

No ship has ever set sail without a destination on its manifesto. This is where the strategy is outlined and gone over, in detail, with you. Everything from your brand direction, what action steps are needed to get you to where you need to be, & the exact directions to get there. Through our marketing methodology and attention to detail, your strategy is 100% customized to you and your business.

We will handle it.


Branding & Rebanding

Who are you? Your brand is the first impression of your business. Would you go out to a meet and greet wearing sweats and a BBQ stained shirt? Of course not, so why would you brand yourself as so to the world? The branding and rebranding stage is where we not only modernize your logo & vision, but also formulate a marketing plan for that modernization that enables customers to more easily identify with your brand through our proven marketing methods and strategic implimentation cross platforms. 


consistent implimentation

Now that the building blocks are set in place to grow your brand and maximize your target demographic, it's time to keep things steady at the helm. Staying one step ahead of the game and trading on people's attention is important to stay relevant in your marketplace. This is where we update your social media pages, manage customer engagement through contact forms and drip campaigns to get them to not only come back, but tell their friends about it. 

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