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What Are You About?


In a time of rapidly compounding technology generations, the most successful businesses will consistently deliver high touch to customers with one of out oldest traits… the telling of a story.

Jim Blasingame

Brands are built around stories. And stories of identity – who we are, where we’ve come from – are the most effective stories of all. This storytelling is a powerful way to bring brands to life.

A great story is true. Not necessarily because it’s factual, but because it’s consistent and authentic.
Consumers are too good at sniffing out inconsistencies for a marketer to get away with a story that’s just slapped on.

In the modern world, impactful brand storytelling is about how to look your audience in the eye, digitally.

At FoxGorilla, we recognize this and convey your story to your consumer base through 3 avenues- social media, email, and business to consumer. Recognizing your story, and your identity directly intertwines with how your customers percieve you, and if they identify with your brand emotionally, they will be customers

for life. 

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